Offshore Wind Energy Program;
Offshore Power Research and Education Collaborative (OSPRE);
Partnership for Offshore Wind Energy Research (POWER-US);

Tufts University is a leader in offshore wind energy research and education, focusing specifically on systems design, analysis, and the technology/policy interface. Through our Offshore Power Research and Education (OSPRE) Collaborative, our students work with industry and government to advance cutting edge R&D, develop innovative and relevant capstone design projects, and engage in professional traineeships. In addition to full-time graduate studies, we offer part-time graduate studies, executive education seminars, and professional training workshops. We convene thought leaders on issues of long-term, systems-level importance, and connect activities in the New England region to issues of national and global significance. Areas of specialization include: support structure design and testing; advanced digital twin technology; ports and supply chain; transmission and grid integration; policy and markets; and health and safety. Our faculty were directly involved in the design and execution of the most cutting edge U.S. offshore wind infrastructure projects, such as the WTTC and the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal. We have strong relationships with key research institutions across the country, in Europe and in Asia, and our alumni are engaged world-wide in the transition to renewables.

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More than 200 Employees

Is your company women-, minority- or veteran-owned? No

Does your company subcontract with trade unions? No

Do you have a partnership with another company relevant to offshore wind that you’d like to promote? Yes, The Massachusetts Partnership for Offshore Wind Energy Research (POWER-US, Massachusetts) includes: Tufts, Northeastern, UMass Amherst, UMass Boston, UMass Dartmouth, UMass Lowell, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

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Eric Hines
Director, Offshore Wind Energy Program
Office Phone Number: +1 (617) 627-2281

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Dan Kuchma
Professor, Structural Engineering
Office Phone Number: +1 (617) 627-0570


Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 200 College Avenue, Medford, Massachusetts 02155, United States