Lautec provides consulting and cloud based systems for improved project execution. We specialize in cross-project disciplines for the management of time, risks, interfaces, quality, and geospatial data.

Lautec possess a deep understanding of the development and execution of large-scale wind power projects, so we are able understand what level of standards and processes will help you execute efficiently. We offer an array of cutting edge consulting services and IT solutions, including: daily progress reporting (DPR), quality inspection, sequential downtime modeling, and interactive data visualization services.

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Less than 25 Employees

Is your company women-, minority- or veteran-owned? No

Does your company subcontract with trade unions? No

Do you have a partnership with another company relevant to offshore wind that you’d like to promote? No

Industry sector/services provided not listed: IT consulting and services. Data visualization and analytical services. Risk management and analysis. Progress reporting.

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Primary Contact

Nick Zenkin
Research and Development Manager
Office Phone Number: +1 (978) 435-5883

Secondary Contact

Mads Bernitt
Office Phone Number: +1 (617) 849-4754


120 St James Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02116, United States