Specialized Sub-Sea Excavating and Dredging Solutions

Javeler has provided specialized dredging solutions for over 50 years throughout the United States and in several international markets using our expansive fleet of customized, submersible dredge pumps. Our track record as the front-runners in suction excavation was built on safety, reliability, cost effective results and world class customer service. Our unique niche is "precision dredging" where we strategically excavate in virtually unlimited water depths and with minimal turbidity while precisely placing the resulting spoils. We have experience deploying our equipment in a variety of dredging and slurry movement applications including: Marine Construction, Pipeline Trenching/Construction/Repair, Coffer Dam Excavation, Internal Pile Excavation, Marine Salvage, Maintenance Dredging, Environmental Remediation and several others. Our equipment offers flexible deployment options that can be customized to meet the unique requirements of each project and has a minimal impact on the environment. Our projects are designed with safety and protecting the environment as the top priority.

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