CREADIS Inc. is an Engineering Service Marketplace ready to support you in all your engineering needs. With 20+ years of experience in the wind industry we are here to support our customers in ensuring their projects bring positive results on time.

CREADIS Inc. converts engineering expertise into commercial solutions. We offer highly specialized engineering consulting services to help our clients design, build, and improve complex systems and projects.

CREADIS possesses a full spectrum of engineering capabilities and operates across a broad variety of industries with a core competency in onshore and offshore wind energy. As a direct result of our high professional standards, our global clients have routinely saved money, expanded their strategic advantages, reduced safety risks, and strengthened their innovation portfolios.

CREADIS consists of seasoned professionals including automation, electrical, hardware, industrial, mechanical, and software engineers driven to solve nuanced challenges through leading-edge technical solutions. We operate in key commercial centers throughout the United States and Europe, and can swiftly activate our employee network of over 500 international engineers to scale your organization with high predictability.

Additional Information

More than 200 Employees

Is your company women-, minority- or veteran-owned? No

Does your company subcontract with trade unions? No

Do you have a partnership with another company relevant to offshore wind that you’d like to promote? Yes, Dansk IngeniørService A/S (DIS) - Parent Company to CREADIS Inc.

Industry sector/services provided not listed: Specialized tools for wind indutry ports, ships, manufacturing, installation and operation

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Ramon Rosquete
Business Development
Office Phone Number: +1 407 6199149
Cell Phone Number: +1 407 6199149

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Torben Scheller
Office Phone Number: +1 312 6182126
Cell Phone Number: 1 312 6182126


50 Milk St, Floor 15, Boston, Massachusetts 02109, United States

Company Headquarters

3505 Lake Lynda Dr Building 300, Orlando, Florida 32817, United States